Thursday, May 22, 2008

Size of Posted Pictures

It is important to resize your digital photos and scans before uploading an image to the blog. The original size is much too large to use on the web--it will consume too much space and/or load too slowly.

For guidelines, I suggest maximum sizes of no larger than 50kb and no wider than 400px. If you have a picture you want to upload and do not know how to check the size or resize it, please ask me for help.

Getting Started Help

Most of Blogger's features can be figured out by trial and error. If you are confused about what to do, you can find help in Blogger's help section. When you go to you will see a "Sign In" link in the upper right corner. That will link you to a sign in screen with a "help" link at the bottom. You can also get to the help section by going to

There is a lot of blogger help information available, but it can sometimes be frustrating trying to find the right topic. Here is a link to a topic I located that I think would be most useful for those trying to get started in posting: All about Blogger's post editor.

Make a Sugggestion

Use the "suggestion" label for your post when you are making a suggestion.

At the bottom of the posting window there is a box "Labels for this post." It is best to click the "Show all" link to see and choose from the labels already available. Although it is possible to type in a new label name, it is best not to have too many labels.

Using a label for a post places the post in a specific category and makes it easier for readers of the blog to find posts on a particular topic. If you forget to use a label when you are posting, you can go back in and add it by editing the post.

To edit a post, first choose "new post" then "edit posts."

Art Site Of The Day

I created this category for any group member to share their online art discoveries. Just write a brief note about why you like the site and place a link to the site.

To place a link, highlight the link text (usually the name of the site), click the link icon on the toolbar, and paste (pasting is more accurate than typing) the copied url in the popup window in the space that begins "http."

I will probaby be creating a few more label categories like suggestions and books. Feel free to suggest categories.

Pierre Bonnard

I recently read an article on Bonnard in an old 1984 issue of House & Garden, and my favorite painting in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts is Pierre Bonnard's Dining Room in the Country. Curious, I searched online for more Bonnard paintings.

I found a site that apparently was created at the time of a 2003 National Gallery of Australia exhibition Pierre Bonnard Observing Nature. The text accompanying the paintings pointed out important features of composition and style, and was the reason I found this site so interesting.

Note: I couldn't access the main National Gallery of Australia website--it may be undergoing updating.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Art-A-Whirl in Northeast Minneapolis

The 2008 Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association Art-A-Whirl is this weekend May16-18. For information see the NEMAA website.

Utrecht Plein Air Painting Events

Utrecht held a plein air painting event in Loring Park on Saturday, May 10. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. I attended this, along with a couple of other people. I attempted a pastel drawing but it started to rain earlier than expected, so not much was accomplished.

Another plein air painting event is planned for May 31 at Eloise Butler Wildlife Garden. Details can be found by going to and clicking on the link for the Minneapolis store.

New Blog for Fridley Community Center Painting Class

It is nearing the end of the spring session of the Acrylic Painting class at Fridley Community Center. Several members of the class expressed an interest in getting together over the summer when there are no classes.

I thought it would be fun to also to have a group blog where members could post suggestions for meetings, painting tips, pictures of their work, website links, art book recommendations, etc.