Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Flowers in Modern Art

I discovered this website while researching an artist.

Flowers have always been a popular art motif. An exhibition Flower Myth - van Gogh to Jeff Koons examined flowers in modern art. There are many paintings that one does not usually see.

It is not very obvious how to get from the description page to the paintings. The only link I could find on this page is "Temporary exhibitions (10)" so I drew an arrow to highlight the link. Once you get to a page of paintings there is more than one way to navigate the site, and most of the small images can be enlarged by clicking on them. You can also take a virtual tour of some of the art by clicking "Panoramic View" below the header image at the top of the page (both on the main page and the individual room pages). The "See the Tabloid" link is a convenient way of viewing a number of paintings on a page.

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