Saturday, February 6, 2010

Foot in the Door 4

I finished my apple painting just in time to enter it in the Foot in the Door 4 show at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. This exhibit has been held once every ten years since 1980 and is open to all Minnesota artists. All works must fit within a 12-inch square box.

The 2010 foot in the Door exhibit will run from February 19 until June 13. You can still see The Foot in the Door 2000 Exhibit online.

I titled my painting "Apple Family (Homage to Cezanne)." It reminded me of a family portrait, and it was inspired by an early Cezanne painting. I used three varieties of apples: Braeburn, Red Delicious, and Granny Smith. I made my arrangement on a cutting board and propped a big pad of tinted charcoal paper behind it. I made several digital photos and picked my favorite to use for the painting. I printed out the photo in 8" X 10" size and used graphite paper to transfer the composition to an 8" X 10" canvas.

Below is Cezanne's painting "Glass and Apples" (1879-1882).

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